I can install a backup system to guard against data loss in the event of a primary hard drive failure. Everyone needs to backup files, but most don’t do it. I can make sure the right stuff is getting backed up to the right place, and that you know how to restore it if needed.

Most of time, hard drive failures cause total loss of the photos, documents, music, email, etc. After a hard drive failure is not the best time to try to save the files, without a recent backup, the files could already be gone!

Carbonite Online Backup
Carbonite is completely automatic, and best of all, your files are safely stored off-site in case of fire, theft, or any other causes of loss. Reliable and easy-to-use, Carbonite gives you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your data is safe. Whether it’s computer protection, server backup or both, you can easily find the plan that meets your needs. Want us to install it for you? Let us help you decide on the right backup solution for your needs. Contact us for price and availability.

Backup locally with a program called FBackup
FBackup from www.fbackup.com is a free backup software for both personal and commercial use. It protects your important data by backing it up automatically to any USB device. Never backup your files to the same drive! I suggest using a USB flash drive, or USB external Hard Drive to store your backups. Then use FBackup wizard to select a backup job. The backup type I use is a mirror backup and I select the user account for the sources so that all the photos, documents, music, and email will be backed up. At the last step of the wizard, you can make a daily or weekly schedule, or you can skip the schedule section. If you do not want to backup on a timed schedule, you can simply open the program and select “Run Backup” whenever you want. Want me to install it for you? Let me help you decide on the right backup solution for your needs. Contact me for price and availability.